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Adopting Amo – Part 6: Train the Parents in the Way They Should Go…

With Uncle Don, playing with stacking thingies. Day out at Monte – December 2009.

As I mentioned in my last post, there was now a process to be followed. Being fairly ignorant of adoption processes in general, we were quite surprised by some of these things. We appreciate them now and believe they are necessary but it was weird at first. Read on and tell me what you think. Continue reading

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Adopting Amo – Part 5: We’re Keen, but Pick ‘n Pay is All Out of Orphans

One of our outings was to the Monte Bird Show. She was obviously amazed.

Having made a commitment to adopt, it was time to get the ball rolling. I must be honest and say that my involvement at this stage was mostly an advisory one – Liezl was the one doing the real investigation. She would do all the hard work and discuss the options and implications with me. It proved to be a frustrating task for her. Continue reading

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