Amo the Flower Girl – Kyle & Kirsten’s Wedding

Amo had the privilege of being one of the flower girls at Kyle & Kirsten Bosman’s Wedding on 24 February. The photographer was a lady by the name of Simone Franzel. I was so impressed with her work. Not only were her photos great (as you’ll see) but she was a load of fun to work with. If you are looking for a wedding photographer you can get hold of her at She tells me she also does family shoots.

This mini-album contains the photos she took of Amo on the day.

Amo loves to be a little mommy. This is her "Sarah" about to get fed... again.

I love that shy smile.

True to little-girl-form, Amo loves flowers and jewelry.

That is Amo's insecure face. I was trying to get her to pose for a photo and I think she had had enough. I can't say I had a problem with the cuddles though, I love it when she snuggles into my shoulder like this.

Kudos to Kirsten's mom - Mrs. Layley, she made both flower girls' dresses and they were beautiful.

Whatever was going on behind the camera, Amo wasn't so sure of it.

It has always amazed me how kids almost instinctively love sweets. Amo made sure she was close to the cupcakes at all times.

I love this photo. It captures Amo's carefree, happy demeanor so beautifully. Also note how she is a little closer to the cupcakes.

And there it is. Caught in the act.

If that was your cupcake she took advantage of, we apologise. I'm sure she would say it was a worthwhile steal.

The little face that melts my heart every day.


9 thoughts on “Amo the Flower Girl – Kyle & Kirsten’s Wedding

  1. What great photos. I love the schneaky cupcake sequence:)

    • nick says:

      Yes, especially because its so Amo. She’s so sneaky and when you catch her out she’ll squeal and giggle.

    • nick says:

      Uncle Jon, hello, I got my baby with me in the cupcake pictures. Thanks for liking my photos. My mommy has gone shopping. Jonno, I got some sweeties in my shower box. I want to see you on the computer like Uncle Donovan. Love from Amo.

      • Jonno Warmington says:

        Well, we’ll just have to organise a Skype chat then, won’t we? Tell your dad to set one up, okay? It’ll be so great to say hello to you on the computer aaaall the way from New York!

  2. Monica Ribeiro says:

    Amo is just so beautiful and too sweet in these photos!

  3. Feli says:

    That last photo is my favourite, so beautiful.

  4. Linda says:

    She really oozes with with a delightful, magnetic personality. Just love her to bits!
    So enjoy your very real and transparent episodes. Can’t wait for the next one.
    Bless you,

  5. Truely beautiful!

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