Amo & Liezl at Waldo & Anika's Wedding

Amo is our precious little girl. She came to us in January 2010 by unconventional means. Unconventional because she is adopted. We haven’t been able to fall pregnant and in 2009 it caused us to ask some hard questions, some of which became vital to this process of adoption. Once these questions were raised, we went through about a year of trying to discern both where our hearts were in this and what God was saying.

This blog shares Amo’s adoption story. Her life and how we (Amo, Mommy, Daddy and, most importantly, her Heavenly Father) grow it. The responsibility is a major privilege but it is humbling at the same time. These are both found in the fact that we have been entrusted with someone else’s child.

Having been through this process we’ve learned of the desperate need of many children without families in our country. I trust that in reading through this series of articles you’ll find an honest, sober account of what is involved. I also trust that if your perception of adoption is negative, it will at least be challenged. We often tend towards the worst case scenario when we consider these things but we have definitely not seen anything close to that in our scenario. The reality is quite the opposite – it has been extremely positive.

So please read on. I’m not sure that adopting is for everybody but the Bible uses strong language when it talks about our responsibility for children. The need in South Africa will not be met if only a few families open their homes to children who need them. A collective effort is required.

I end with one simple question; as you read Amo’s story, will you open your heart to consider supporting orphaned, abused and abandoned children somehow?

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