Me and my best girl.

I’m a simple man. I love Jesus. I love my wife, Liezl. I love our kids, Amo & Gabriel. The four of us live in Johannesburg, South Africa in a small flat, close to many of the people that we love. I work for a church in Bedfordview and I am a part-time Theology student. I try to keep fit and healthy and it usually involves chasing a ball around a football field.

This blog is essentially an encouragement. We all tend to remember the horror stories when it comes to adoption. I am writing to share a positive story, to give people a happy ending. It is also a call for you to consider adoption. The need is great but many hands make light work. One person or family can’t take very many children but if many families take just one child, we can make a major difference.

I plan to publish a new post every week or two. Keep checking in on the site or use one of the various channels provided to be notified when updates are published. I publicise via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email. If you use any of these you can receive notifications of new posts. You can also use the tools at the bottom of each post to spread the word.

I’m looking forward to sharing a slice of my life with you, don’t be a stranger.



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