A Long-awaited Return…

It has been nearly a year since my last post. The good news is that I am getting back in the saddle and I am starting to write again. I have been away from the blog for no small reason. If you have read our story you may remember in Part 2 I spoke about holding out for our God-promised son, Gabriel. Well it is with great joy that I tell you that he has arrived! On 23 May 2013, Liezl gave birth to our little Gabe. He weighed in at a serious 4.5kg and was 55cm long.

Now this blog is about Amo and tells her story. It would, however, be wrong not to speak a bit about Gabe too because Amo has become a willing mini-mom and a doting big sister. Gabriel is now a part of her story and she a part of his. Liezl recently took the two of them for a little photo-shoot, follow the link below to see the results. You’ll understand why I am a very proud dad.

Amo & Gabriel Photo-shoot

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One thought on “A Long-awaited Return…

  1. Janet says:

    Yay, excited to hear more

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